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A Special Opportunity

You have cared for your client's pets throughout their lives and have guided them through well times and sickness. Your service to them can continue beyond the death of their pet by presenting them with a special remembrance of their companion.

All Pet Memorials, a division of Milano Monuments, proudly presents a complete line of personalized pet memorials and keepsakes for the pet care industry. We offer a unique opportunity to pet retailers, pet caretakers, and veterinarians to sell or gift pet memorials to your clients as a final tribute to their companions.

AllPetMemorials.com offers granite pet memorials, cremation urns, engraved pet plaques and special keepsakes to choose from.

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Broad Product Line:

Memorial Stones

Each granite AllPetMemorials.com stone is crafted from a choice of granite color, sandblasted with a design of their pet's image. There are 6 colors of granite to choose from and many different designs from which to customize the memorial.

Pet Plaques

Laser engraved pet plaques are crafted of solid black granite and each stone is polished to a glossy finish. The pet's name, photograph and a personalized message are also etched in.

Pet Keepsakes

All Pet Memorials keepsakes are made of granite for strength, durability and longevity. Granite is among the oldest stones on earth and the hardest substance next to diamonds making it a perfect material to preserve a memory.

Cremation Urns

There are many styles of urns available including dog and cat urns and may other urns for pet ashes.

Sound Reputation

Milano Monuments, the parent company of AllPetMemorials.com, has been in the memorials and monument business since 1969. Our reputation for quality products, personalized service and attention to detail is renown. Allow us to be your partner in continuing to serve your clients through this line of pet memorials and keepsakes.

Reliable Service

Ordering memorials, urns or keepsakes from AllPetMemorials.com is easy. Pet Retailers, Pet Caretakers, and Veterinarians can take product on consignment to sell, retail, to your clients. They can also order product online at www.allpetmemorials.com or from our co-branded brochure by completing the order form attached to it. However they choose to order, you'll get credit for the sale - and earn commission.

Marketing Support

We're pleased to present a unique, powerful marketing opportunity to our pet retailers, pet caretakers, and veterinarian partners. A co-branded full-color brochure featuring your logo will be provided. It presents our product line and an order form 'keyed' with a special promotional code that identifies sales made by each partner. Your client's will receive a 10% discount for ordering with the promotional code. A quarterly commission payment will be mailed to you for each sale completed during the previous 3 months.

AllPetMemorials.com has two full-color display posters available - 18" x 24" or 24" x 36" for use in your facility. These posters will also be co-branded with your name or logo.

A Strong Partnership

Getting started is easy. Your AllPetMemorials.com representative will review your needs and help you determine the best way to market and sell memorials and keepsakes. Consignment product and/or marketing support materials will be available within a week. A partnership with AllPetMemorials.com gives you a great way to provide a very special, personal service to your good clients. Whether you decide to present a keepsake to them as a gift, or guide them to purchase a special memorial for their pet companion, you are extending a heartfelt remembrance they will cherish forever.

AllPetMemorials.com provides our partners with a fullcolor brochure and poster with your logo or name.

Become a dealer for All Pet Memorials